"What do you think is the most overt, simple, obvious, for dummies thing to do?" - James Redford
"Well, there's a long list of simple things.." - Brian Besold | Kevel Home Performance

Support the push towards a clean energy future

  • If you have HBO at home Host a Watch Party. Request a watch party kit from us by emailing us at screenings@redfordcenter.org
  • of HAPPENING for your local school, community or organization
  • Go Solar if you can
  • Opt in for clean power through your utility if they offer it
  • Support renewable energy policies locally and nationwide (Vote Solar)
  • Be a solar champion for your community (RE-volv)
  • Ask your mayor, governor, school, CEO, or community to adopt Paris Goals #WeAreStillIn
  • Add your own voice to the Paris Goals #IAmStillIn
  • Offset your carbon emmissions (Cool Effect)
  • Divest from fossil fuels (Divest Invest or Beneficial State Bank)
  • Get an electric or hybrid car if you can

The cleanest energy action you can take is conservation